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LIVE from Anderson's Dressing Room!

Anderson is about to conduct some very important interviews, but he needs a little help to “look the part.” Will you give Anderson some fashion advice? All you need is a pair of scissors to cut out just the right duds!

>> This is what Anderson wears when interviewing psychotic apostates. It’s a look he came up with himself and it’s called “Anchorman Casual.” But say, don’t those jeans have his mother’s name stitched on the pocket?

>> This is what Anderson wears when interviewing “tough guy” apostates, the kind who wear “wife beater” tank tops and turn their baseball caps the wrong way around. Anderson wants to fit right in, so he wears this motorcycle jacket with a silver chain.

>> This is what Anderson wears when he wants to be “snooty” to people who are trying to totally wreck his show by insisting he present the full story and all the facts. He calls this look, “I’m a Serious Journalist—Seriously!

Hurry now and collect Anderson’s entire wardrobe before he’s off the air.

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